UX/UI Sound Design

What is it?

Broadly defined as the creation of sound assets to compliment the UI (user interface) and enhance the UX (user experience). Can be applicable for any device that has a digital interface; from a mobile phone, to an automobile, to a dishwasher. 

What Can we offer?

Creation and delivery of a set of sound files that match up to a defined set of functions. We prefer to work in close collaboration with the UX design team to ensure that the UX is optimal.

UI sounds should first and foremost be functional - communicating a specific task or event to the user (e.g., a camera shutter sound to confirm that the camera button has been pressed, or a warning sound to indicate a problem in a car) - with it's secondary task to reflect the overall design. UI sounds should enhance the user experience, but typically not draw too much attention. Our modern lives are already full of interruptions and constant glances at computer screens, so UI sounds should act as a subtle layer of information, rather than add to the cacophony of noise.  

Musical Composition

What is it?

Bespoke musical composition, tailored to your specific needs. Can be anything from a music track, ambient soundscape, sound logo/jingle, or ringtone - and for various mediums such as mobiles, online advertising, or sound installations.    

What can we offer?

Composition in a variety of styles, from the more traditional to the experimental. We are also comfortable working to references, whilst adding our own degree of originality.

We can also compose to picture, working closely with directors/producers/marketers to achieve the desired result, and combine both music and sound design if required.

We are also skilled in creating soundscapes or sound installations - layers of sound which typically sit in the background and add subtle ambience, whether it be for an exhibition or retail environment.  

Audio Branding

What is it?

A detailed and holistic approach to all things audio. Audio branding is about having careful consideration for every single touchpoint within your brand that makes a sound, such as product sound (through both software and hardware), ad music, tone of voice, or store ambience.

What can We offer?

We would work closely with you to evaluate your complete brand sound, and proceed to create new sound assets designed to accurately reflect your unique brand character. These typically include audio logos, functional sounds, and brand music. If necessary, accompanying guidelines regarding implementation can be included. 

A strong brand is a brand that has consistent messages. Expertly crafted sound that is a congruent reflection of the brand will enhance a consumer's experience, augmenting the voice and brand character and improving brand engagement.  

Audio Branding needs to be done intelligently and with a lot of thought, otherwise you risk creating negative associations with a brand. Consequently, it's important to understand that effective audio branding is not always about adding sound, it can also be about taking sound away and introducing silence.

Voice Over Production

What is it?

Can be anything in relation to voice recording, whether it’s a voice over for a promotional video or helping you to put together a voice over showreel.

What can WE offer?

The base cost includes up to a 3-hour studio session, including editing and production of the final VO mix. We can also use our network to match you up with suitable voice artists, or simply assist you in creating a voice over showreel.