Henry Daw was a member of the Nokia Sound Team for over a decade, starting out in Tampere Finland in 2002 before transferring to London six years later. Here he was responsible for the sound content across the complete range of Nokia handsets - composing ringtones and notifications that would be pre-loaded onto millions of devices worldwide. He also led the development of the two most recent updates to the Nokia Tune, transforming the infamous ringtone with a more refined and modern tonality. His work is found on the newest Nokia devices today, including the refreshed default ringtone on the flagship Nokia 8.

Besides ringtones and alerts, Henry created UI (User Interface) sounds – the sounds that are often so small you hardly notice them, but sounds that are vitally important in one’s user experience. Henry would become the lead UI sound designer for new Nokia platforms, such as Meego and Meltemi. Importantly this involved working closely with designers (UX, UI, Motion, and Interaction), whilst assimilating sound design into the overall design process. This would ensure that the usability remains the focus, whilst any existing key brand sounds would be suitably evolved. Whilst at Nokia, Henry also developed innovative approaches to localising sound design, through the 'Regional Ringtones - Designed By You' crowdsourcing contest (nominated for the 2012 Audio Branding Academy Award), and the exciting Sounds of the World project in collaboration with prestigious music schools across the globe. 

In 2013 Henry would transfer over to Microsoft, where he would go on to lead the sound design for the inspirational Cities Unlocked project (recently renamed to Microsoft Soundscape). He would also create the Microsoft Tune, the new default ringtone for all Lumia devices, and an important step in unifying the wider brand through audio.

From October 2015 Henry has been working on a freelance basis through his Oblique Sound company, enabling him to collaborate with several products and brands relevant to our tech landscape today. This includes advanced wearables, IoT devices, non-invasive medical devices, and mobiles. For more details on what Oblique Sound can offer, please visit our Services page, or for details regarding recent work please visit our Work page.